Competition Any Federation Prep 20 weeks


What’s included in comp prep:
-Macro and exercise plan – depending if you are on a cut/build or reverse.
-Reset the body after comp prep to restore health and vitality for the next show.
-Education on diet specific prep (plant based, vegan, vegetarian or if you are a meat eater there is no judgement)
-check ins via measurements and progress pictures for review and analysis
-Fortnightly 20min zoom calls – this is a time where we can discuss any changes or concerns
-Weekly coaching calls closer to the show
-Change of exercise and macros as you get leaner
-Exercise video tutorials for your training, and form analysis
Peak week protocol – communicating daily on progress, changes and any concerns
-24/7 support via WhatsApp
-Accountability coaching & support.
-Show day final check in and every hour after until stage Disclaimer: (it is important to Reverse diet properly to bring the body back to its optimal state)
-Reverse protocol is not included in this package but I would recommend signing up for another 8 weeks to get the body back to normal health markers.


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