Detoxification Level 1- part 1

Detox Part 1 – The different levels of detoxification will depend on how you can manage a healing crisis. It will also depend on your genetic make-up, if you have a weak or strong constitution. In iridology people with blue eyes have the strongest constitution! Our eyes are only ever two colours blue or light brown.  Through the years they have morphed into grey, green, hazel which is anything in-between will depend on the toxic load that your body is holding onto. More on iridology in Detox part 2. So if you have blue eyes or light brown eyes you are ahead of the strong genetic gene pool and your body can easily handle more of the toxic load without too many health issues. The ones that are not blessed with strong constitutions including myself will need extra work and awareness with what we put into our bodies if wellness and health is the goal. Ever wondered why some people smoke, drink & eat shit for years but still live into their late 90’s & others who have never smoked, drank, ate reasonably well got given a cancer diagnosis at 50?  A big part is your genetic make-up, constitution & lifestyle.  This is not set in stone & this can be changed through different levels of detoxification & daily habits.  When someone cleans up their diet & eats whole foods as close to Mother Nature with minimal processed food – that is a form of detoxification which limits the toxic load into the body which everyone can do if they choose.  Common culprits of discomfort are certain foods leeching away your energy levels – food allergies and intolerances are common for people with a toxic overload.  It is hard to tell which foods are causing the reaction as sometimes we eat several of the main culprits at once e.g wheat, dairy, eggs, sugar, gluten.  This is why simple meals are best.  It’s often the foods we crave the most that are creating havoc within the body.   As we eat cleaner, whole foods we support digestion & the organs of the body in eliminating toxins.  Your intestinal lining will start to repair itself & your gut microbiome will become strong and reset your digestive enzymes for proper food digestion & absorption.  Continued in comments:

To create harmony within your body you must eat a diet rich in alkaline forming foods – Alkalization is Key!  Eating more green leafy vegetables and fruits that are full of vitamins, minerals & rich in live enzymes will give the body vitality. This raises the amount of oxygen in the blood. The body is naturally alkaline with a pH between 7.35 & 7.45. Eating too many acidic foods such as processed foods can disrupt this pH making you susceptible to illness. Level 1 of detox is just adding more fruit & vegetables to your everyday eating habits. – Part two continued in the next Blog

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Detoxification level 2 – part 2. William Shakespeare wrote “your eyes are the windows to your soul”. What if they were also the window to your health? “Diseases start in the gut” – Hippocrates. Clinical iridology is the science & practice that examines the eyes.  It reveals inflammation, where it is located and in what stage it is manifesting.  The Iris reveals body constitution, inherent weaknesses, and levels of health and transitions that take place in a person’s body according to the way they live. Iridology analysis the delicate structures of the iris.  The iris is connected to the brain, blood vessels, colon, muscle & other tissues. The nerve fibres receive impulses by the optic nerve & spinal cord.  The nerve fibres of the eye respond to changes in the body tissues manifesting & changing, thereby revealing if a person has malabsorption of nutrients, weak digestion, prolapsing, lymphatic & colon congestion. If the body has too much sulphur it is often the result of too many chemicals, medication & antibiotic use. It can cause problems such as autoimmune, liver, kidney, heart and skin & hair conditions to name a few.  It can also suppress the body’s natural immune system & healthy gut bacteria production. Most of your body’s discomfort stem from a stressed liver, the gut, colon & GI tract.  If you are trying to heal, these are the most important areas to be aware of. Incorporating healing foods and herbal protocols can rebuild the gut tissue, calm inflammation and eliminate obstructions from the colon wall & liver. My own Iris analysis showed that I had lymphatic circulation acidity, lungs bronchi weakness, kidneys holding onto toxins, stressed kidneys, adrenal fatigue, low immunity, parathyroid weakness and hypo thyroid issues. How did I overcome this? Healing takes time and consistent effort. I include foods that support the liver & help it with the detoxification process. Foods like oranges – provide vitamin C & calcium to the liver, dragon fruit-cleans poisons from organs, blood builder, wild blueberries – reverse damage, high in antioxidants, spinach-provides mineral salt so does dulse & kelp helps with thyroid function & with B12 uptake, cucumber-hydrates & cleanses liver, melon-powerful cleansers & hydrating ability, dandelion greens helps liver to release toxins, asparagus helps cleanse & soothes the liver – pretty much all foods from mother nature. If healing and detox is the goal there are many things you can do to support the liver.  Drinking celery juice on an empty stomach, keeping fats low, eating fresh fruits & vegetables. The liver needs oxygen, water & natural sugar (not processed) & mineral salt to be healthy. Fruit does not raise insulin levels & gets straight to the liver.  Herbs that assist vitality are Ashwagandha a powerful herb that supports adrenals, nettle leaf for adrenals, lemon balm calms nerves & stress, zinc boots immune system, spirulina helps strengthen the adrenal glands, helps remove heavy metal from the body, barley grass juice powder strengthens immune system, alkalize the body, Milk thistle for liver support, skin & hair. If you incorporate the above and lessen your intake of processed foods this will lower the viral load, support your adrenal glands & boost your immunity.  These are things you can do every day to support and heal your body from years of toxic load.