About Me

Welcome my Name is Neme Gomez and I am Holistic Health Coach

I have qualifications in Naturopathic Philosophy/Herbal Medicine, Detoxification Specialist Level 1&2, Clinical iridology, NLP Practitioner & Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor Cert Level III and IV. I started my own healing journey out of frustration. I was chronically ill and was always in pain. When you try all the drugs/treatments/tests recommended by conventional medical doctors for nearly 3 years and nothing works, you become more
willing to try different approaches.

I will be forever grateful for listening to my intuition and following my gut instincts. Which led me to my passion and purpose. Helping people to thrive and evolve holistically through mind and body. Belief in anything usually comes from when you experience it yourself. It’s hard to take someone else’s word for it, hence why I am here to help you experience it for yourself. Take charge of your own health and well being. Make Internal health your priority through mind and body. Your body is always evolving and never remains the same, especially as we age. Learn about vibrant health – effortlessly living and thriving not just surviving in a lean happy fit body. – I will help you get there! Your success is my success!